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Fire Department Updates 12/16/2021: Road Closures, Down Trees & Powerlines

TMO Memo to Tribal Membership & Employees- Power Outage Chi Miigwech to Staff

Power Outage 1Power Outage 2








Interested in Owning a Business or have question about your business development and growth? Click here 

Estate Planning- Michigan Indian Legal Service

General Welfare and Assistance Program Survey and Application Announcement

Special Message From Tribal Chairman David M. Arroyo

Jingle Dress Community Healing Ceremony Video



Marijuana Ordinance

FCC Tribal Lands

Emergency Broadband Benefit

Emergency Broadband Benefit Factsheet

FY2022 Proposed Budget 

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Jodi.Lewis@gtbindians.com )

Pulse Oximeter

COVID-19 Vaccine Basics for Everyone (EVENT)

Minor’s Trust 2020 1099-MISC Reporting Error

Press Release: 2% Allocation

Mobile Online Sports Bet and FAQ's

Food Charge Card Letter

Notice of Clarification of YTD Gaming PC 12.4.20

2021 Proposed Budgets NOW located on the Tribal Member Home Page



COVID-19 Vaccinations

Vaccine info


387th Case: 18 New Positive Cases 1/17/2022 

369th Case: 14 New Positive Cases 1/10/2022 

355th Case: 24 New Positive Cases 1/5/2022 & Booster Info

319th Case: 5 New Positive Cases 12/22/2021

314th Case: 4 New Positive Case 12/15/2021 & CDC Booster Recommendations

306th Case: 9 New Positive Cases 12/7/2021 

297th Case: 16 New Positive Cases 12/2/2021 & 1st Patients Received Monoclonal Antibody Therapy 

281st Case: 19 New Positive Cases 11/24/2021 & Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Coming Soon

262nd Case: 13 New Positive Cases 11/17/2021 & at-home test kits available.

249th Case: 5 New Positive Cases 11/8/2021 & Flu Shot Clinic Wed. 11/10

244th Case: 3 New Positive Cases 11/4/2021

241st Case: 2 New Positive Cases 10/29/2021

239th Case: 3 New Positive Cases 10/25/2021

236th Case: 2 New Positive Cases 10/21/2021 & Now Booking Children 5-12yr old COVID-19 Vaccinations 

234th Case: 4 New Positive Cases 10/18/2021

230th Case: 7 New Positive Cases 10/7/2021 & Ellume At-home Test Recall 

223rd Case: 2 New Positive Cases 9/30/2021

221st Case: 6 New Positive Cases 9/23/2021

215th Case: 6 New Positive Cases 9/20/2021

209th Case: 4 New Positive Cases 9/15/2021

202nd Case: 6 New Positive Cases 9/1/2021

196th Case: 2 New Positive Cases 8/30/2021


194th Case: 11 New Positive Cases 8/26/2021

183rd Case: 11 New Positive Cases 8/24/2021

172nd Case: 3 New Positive Cases 8/16/2021

169th Case: 5 New Positive Cases 8/12/2021

162nd Case: 1 New Positive Case 7/8/2021

161st Case: 1 New Positive Case 6/18/2021

160th Case: 1 New Positive Case 6/14/2021

159th Case: 1 New Positive Case 6/8/2021

158th Case: 1 New Positive Case 5/26/2021

Additional COVID-19 Vaccination Dates

156th Case: 1 New Positive Case 5/11/2021 (Vaccine Age Update)

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pause 4/13/21

Opening Up Vaccine Eligibility

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet and FDA Emergency Use Authorization

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

COVID-19 Vaccine FDA Infographic

COVID Vaccine Registration, A Call to Action

No cost Covid-19 Testing Announcement

Available Testing Sites In Northern MI.

GTB GOV. Staff phase 4 staffing memo 11-3-20

Available GTB Clinic Covid testing hours

MDHSS Covid-19 Testing sites/ Opportunities

Drive Through Testing Events

Health department Updates 10.2.20

2020 Flu shot Info

GTB Health Update 9.29.20

GTB Health Update 9-21-20

When a Student Should Stay Home or May Be Sent Home

Memo Regarding Positive Covid-19 Tests

Illness Prevention Web Page

Info on Coronavirus: www.michigan.gov/coronavirus.

GTRC Coronavirus Release




Eastern Equine Encephalitis

EEE Case 9.15.20

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) Virus Outbreak Update

EEE and Mosquitoes Bite Prevention




Zoom Info to attend meetings

Emergency 3 Month Rental Assistance Application

Michigan Indian Legal Services: Call for Assistance

Public Health FAQ

School/ Student Emergency Resources

AFS Human Services Client Application

Updated Community Mitigation Strategies

Career Opportunities

2020 Department Program Services Manual

2021 Tribal Council Session Dates

2022 Tribal Council Session Dates

Emergency Phone Numbers during closures.


Tribal Police.....................231-534-7777

Tribal Fire Dept................231-534-7666

GTB Health Clinic.............231-534-7200

GTB Dental Clinic.............231-534-7211


The links below are time limited postings

GTB Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Annex Information

NREC Meeting Notice

NREC Vacant Seat Ad

Compensation Committee Vacancy