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Anishinaabek Family Services

Build a healthy community and strengthen our families by providing comprehensive strength-based and culturally appropriate services that promote healthy lifestyles and self-sufficiency.

Develop a humanistic program that fits the needs of the family and community and to create an awareness about the services that exist to prevent child abuse and neglect.


 AFS Human Services Client Application

Prevention Services: Provided to families on a voluntary basis, where there is an identified potential for child abuse or neglect.

Intervention Services: Provided when a substantiated report of abuse and neglect occurs within the six-county service area resulting in Tribal or State court involvement.

Child Protection Services: Investigation on Tribal lands, of any reported incident of child abuse or neglect of children less than eighteen years of age.

Adoption Services: Provides adoption services to Tribal members.

Licensing: Licenses foster care, group homes, and shelter homes on the reservation.

Monitoring: Monitors all cases outside of the six-county service area involving GTB children placed outside of their parental home, due to substantiated child abuse and/or neglect charges.


Phone: 231-534-7681    Fax: 231-534-7706